Jewelry Articles
An Introduction to Gemstones
When it comes to jewelry, a little knowledge goes a long way [..]

Costume Jewelry Is Back For Summer 2007
Costume jewelry with Murano styled glass [..]

Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend, but Other Gemstones will Do!
While jewelry is typically considered a gift for women [..]

Going for gold
When the dollar gets weak, gold prices [..]

Gold jewelry for BTS
Playing off of this summer's sales flurry in metallic [..]

Illustrated Guide To Jewelry Appraising
Maybe you think the fine art of jewelry appraising is one [..]

Revival styles in jewelry
One of the most prolific proponents of revival [..]

Summer 2007 Costume Jewelry Trends
Give the bling a rest and put away inexpensive plastics because the classic look [..]
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