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Archive for April, 2008

Tribal Jewelry – Rare Artifacts Still Intact

Tuesday, April 22nd, 2008

History indicates that the first civilized settlement was at Jericho, some ten thousand years ago. This area, still inside warm weather zones, was north enough to grow wheat, which the hunter gatherers learned to master and farm. And by now, they were domesticating sheep and goats, cows, finding a need for organizational order and duties clearly defined for all. Warriors would be needed to be trained first, then to learn how to apply their particular skills to those many duties needed, as people began to create in this valley a people who first settled down.

And this superiority has spread out from the central point of each great civilization on earth, everywhere. Damascus is now the oldest continually inhabited city on earth, with 7,000 years under it’s belt. The silk route ended here, and Chinese silk was exchanged for what China may have considered tribal jewelry from the mid east. At any rate, in Damascus are still those who specialized in creating out of raw silk woven Damask from Damascus. Many a merchant trading into the west need go no further east than Damascus, and he had found his connection to trade his European tribal jewelry for some really civilized goods. How times change. Or not.

Your Investment in Diamond Jewlery

Tuesday, April 1st, 2008

The skilled craftspeople who design and create diamond jewelry usually obtain these precious gems from a special wholesaler specializing in diamonds for sale. The fine gemstones that are ultimately used in diamond earrings, diamond wedding bands, diamond engagement rings and other quality pieces have ideally been through a thorough lab analysis as well as a certified appraisal. You’ll want to confirm this prior to your purchase of any diamond jewelry.

The first of these, carat, refers to the weight and mass of the stone. A carat is approximately equal to one-fifth of a gram. Color is just that. Diamonds for sale come in a wide variety of colors that range from ice-clear to black depending on what other elements are present; pink and blue diamonds can be especially valuable. Clarity is determined by any “flaws” – interior cottony patches that are visible from the outside. Diamonds for sale are assigned a fair market value by the process of appraisal. It is very important when considering the purchase of diamond jewelry for investment purposes. Additionally, if you plan to insure pieces such as diamond earrings or even diamond wedding bands, you will be required to provide such an appraisal report for your carrier.