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Latest Jewelry Trends- Costume Jewelry

Monday, March 28th, 2011

Costume jewelry relates to the ornamental artifacts that people can use to emphasize the appearances of their attire daily. There is an assortment of jewels they can select based on the material used to manufacture them including precious stones, crystal glass, ceramics, shells, Murano style glass and also metals. These are the hottest pieces women and also men can spend their money on to accessorize. The class of necklaces just like always is a hot seller with designs appearing longer and layered. The chain and the long chokers may be regular, but the costume jewelry is a preferred choice for every body.

Geometric and hammered metals short necklaces and chokers are great pieces to use to look trendy. Rounded costume jewelry shapes earlier found on a few accessories now have radically involved concentric circles and loops in the bracelets and earrings. They are mostly made from the precious metals such as the gold and silver where the latter is preferred. For the summer 2008 and 2009 seasons, the main colors in jewelries were white and gray with beige and other tropical Caribbean colors such as yellow, peach, teal and aqua being very established. The Murano style glass and crystal costume jewelry are frequently innovatory something that explains why they are selling very fast.
Typically, the common accessories with borrowed ideas from the classic styles are flooding the markets. You can get actually any metal costume jewelry you need in different price ranges depending on their quality and durability. There being countless floral dresses and other accessories for the summer, brooches with butterflies, blossoms and other creative artistic decorations are great beauty enhancers. Buyers can furthermore select costume jewelry with imprinted wordings of hope and other styles and improve their attires outward show artistically. The ranges by which these fashion jewels can be found in is huge and is allowing people to have an easy time selection their best.

Costume Jewelry A Practical Handbook & Value Guide

Saturday, March 26th, 2011

This is a wonderfully colorful book with just over 250 pages of inspiring pieces of jewelry from the turn of the century though about 1970. The vast majority of pieces included are metal with the dutiful nod to celluloid, Bakelite and Lucite.

“Costume Jewelry” is a broad introduction to jewelry that may help you to determine a manufacturing style you are particularly interested in emulating or studying. It contains nine chapters covering information such as: basic introduction to costume jewelry including displaying, cleaning and repair; American made and imported styles; unmarked jewelry; styles in semi-precious metals as well as base metals; pricing and plastics.

There are many wonderful color pictures on almost every page along with discussions of the manufacturers, how the pieces were marked, the dates the companies produced jewelry, and estimated prices for the lines.

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