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Get Flamboyant With Costume Jewelry

Thursday, September 9th, 2010

The craze for body piercing is at a regular time high with teenagers and adults receive different parts of their body pierced for various reasons. While some do it for body adornment, for others it is a means of self expression. Although many agree that wearing body piercing jewelry can look pretty cool and enhance the overall look of a person, not everyone wants to stick a needle through their body for the sake of looking fashionable. In such a scenario, costume jewelry is the way to go to accessorize your wardrobe and that too at a relatively lesser pocket pinch in comparison to the actual jewelry.

Costume jewelry, also known as fashion or fake jewelry to assume in a fraction of the price of the real thing while making it impossible to spot the difference between the two. The high level of craftsmanship that goes into manufacturing costume jewelry pieces places them at par with gold or platinum jewelry of the same design. Historically, this type of jewelry was made exclusively for the purpose of adding flair to a particular period costume such as Art Deco period, Retro period or Modern Art period. Slowly, fashion houses also started producing exclusive collection of costume jewelry that would complement their designs perfectly.

These jewelry pieces come in a wide variety of designs and are often studded with inexpensive synthetic stones such as rhinestones, fake crystals, glass and cubic zirconium that come in various hues thus replicating the look of precious gem stones such as diamonds, emeralds, sapphire and rubies. Most costume jewelry pieces are coated with a thin layer of platinum, rhodium, gold or silver to give the illusion of real jewelry. Though a majority of costume jewelry pieces available in the market are made of metal alloys, you can also find some unique pieces that have been crafted out of shell, ivory, wood and even textured stone.

The best part about costume jewelry is that these are extremely sturdy and are thus ideal for daily use. They are strong enough to tolerate every day wear and tear that real jewelry often succumbs to. Moreover, they require very little maintenance and can be worn for years without any need for polishing or repairing. Investing in costume jewelry will be a wise idea for those who like matching their jewelry to their outfit. Moreover, you can mix and match them and go for both chunky as well as delicate designs as per your liking.