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Fake Body Jewelry – Benefits of Clip-On Jewelry

Sunday, March 27th, 2011

The look of body jewelry is extremely sexy, and has become cute and trendy all over the world. While it used to be something that was seen only in belly dancing clubs or on the beach, it’s now quite commonplace to put in a belly button ring and think nothing of it. However, piercing your body is something that shouldn’t be taken lightly, especially on sensitive parts of the body. If you get irritated easily, you might want to think about fake body jewelry instead, which will leave no lasting impression or any holes in your skin.

A common problem with piercings is that they are great for awhile, but then the person gets sick of them after a year or two. Although the skin will usually close up on its own, in some cases it will linger for some time, being prone to infection. The loose flap of skin that is left behind by a large hole is not pretty, either, which defeats the purpose of having put in body jewelry for most people. That’s why fake body jewelry is a safe alternative that provides all of the same trendy appeal. With today’s designs, no one will even know that the ring that you’re wearing isn’t going all the way through your skin.

Buying and Selling Wholesale Jewelry

Tuesday, June 9th, 2009

Buying wholesale fashion jewelry can create a good source of income if you have good strategies for marketing your jewelry as well as good sources for jewelry wholesalers.

Before you choose a wholesaler make sure they have a good reputation by checking out any information about them at the Better Business Bureau website. You should also try to look at some of their jewelry before you buy by requesting samples or asking where you can find their jewelry being sold locally. You should also consider price when looking for a wholesaler and find the best products at the lowest price.

After you have found a wholesaler that has good products you must then find good places to sell your jewelry. It is important to understand the needs of local shops, galleries, online auction sites, and other retailers so you can choose the best way to sell your jewelry.

You can also sell your jewelry yourself locally at flea markets and swap meets or you can sell wholesale jewelry online with your own website or on popular auction websites such as eBay. If you sell your jewelry yourself make sure you research the market where you will be selling to make sure the cute wholesale silver bracelets you love will be popular enough to sell. You should base your wholesale purchases on what is popular and a good rice so you can have the most success selling.

At D’s Keepsakes Wholesale Fashion Jewelry will bring you the latest trends in fashion jewelry at truly affordable prices. They have been in the jewelry and gift business since 1986. It’s this experience, combined with their buying power, which allows them to offer you this quality collection of fashion bracelets, necklaces and earrings at the lowest prices possible. Some of the unique lines they carry include their large selection of Swarovski crystal jewelry, designer look jewelry, and their extensive line of Christian jewelry and theme bracelets. They have one of the largest selections of inspirational jewelry.

If you are a retailer interested in buying wholesale fashion jewelry, they have set low minimums to allow small retailers to buy a good overall selection. You can visit at to get more information.