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How Do I Make a Clay Piece into a Pendant?

Friday, July 29th, 2011

“There are several ways to hang a clay piece as a pendant for a necklace or earring:

* Pierce a hole from front to back at the top of the piece and insert a jump ring. This technique is most suitable for light, thin pieces made of strong clay; brittle clay may crack at the top after a while, causing the pendant to fall off.
* Embed an eye pin into the top of the piece before firing, leaving just the eye at the top visible. Bend the end of the eye pin a little before inserting it, to make the join stronger.
* Attach the jewelry finding called a “”bail mount”" to the top of the piece. (A bail looks like a tiny tweezers with a loop at the top.)
* Pierce the pendant from top to bottom, fire it, then insert a head pin from the bottom and twist the top end into a loop. You can also make the piercing bigger and thread a ribbon or cord through it, knotted at the bottom.

If you have a piece that’s already been fired, you can insert a head pin as described above if it’s a pierced bead. If it’s an unpierced flat piece, you can embed it in a clay frame or glue it to a metal filigree.”

Precious Gems 365

Friday, April 1st, 2011

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