Money is worth noting. Only gold has a real value.


We are Juwelry-Lovers and like handmade Gold-Juwellery.


Diamonds are our shining stars at the dark sky.

Enjoy the beauty of handmade and uniquebeautifulamazingimpressive gold jewelry

What is more beautiful than gold and diamond jewellery? Gold has always stood for prosperity and value. In connection with diamonds a very special magic is created. The sparkle of the diamonds in combination with the golden colour creates a unique game of yarn.

gold cross diamond pendant

The history of gold jewellery

The history of jewellery and gold jewellery goes back to 3000 years before Christ. Thousands of years ago, many ancient advanced civilizations were already producing amazing pieces of jewellery made of gold. The most delicate works were made with the simplest of means and a lot of skill. The Egyptians, for example, were particularly famous for their death mask of Tutankhamun and many other breathtaking pieces of jewellery. But also peoples from South America, like the Incas, or Nordic peoples, like the Germanic tribes, were master goldsmiths.

Gold jewellery has always stood for prosperity and purity. It was used as burial gifts, for ceremonial occasions or as a sign of high standing. Only the better-off people could afford the precious jewellery. But even poorer people had jewellery made of materials such as wood, semi-precious stones or feathers. This was worn on special occasions but also in normal everyday life.

Gold also finds its place in religion. The church has always decorated religious objects, such as relics with gold or made of gold. Crosses, splendid graves or chalices are only some examples. Also in Islam, Korans or other holy objects were refined with gold.

Arriving in the present we find that jewellery and gold jewellery still have a high value and many people like to adorn themselves with it. Especially among super rich people, luxurious diamond and gold jewellery is in fashion. Sometimes millions are spent on diamond studded luxury watches, pompous gold chains weighing up to 1 kg and gold rings with diamonds over 5 carat and more.

We too are fascinated by jewellery, gold and jewels of all kinds. Especially diamond jewellery is our favourite. The play of light and the shine of these gemstones are unparalleled. Share this passion with us and become a fan of Jewelry Love!

gold chain

Gold chains are among the most magnificent pieces of jewelry made of gold.

gold ring

Gold rings are the sign of eternal connection and love in marriage and life.

gold pendant

Some gold pendants turn a chain into a  jewellery that you can fall in love with

gold earring

Gold earrings give a pretty woman’s face the elegant glow of a diva and muse.